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Why Teak Will Last You More Summers Than You Can Count

With the wide selection of options in today’s outdoor furniture industry, you’d think the search of distinctive wood chaises, tables, chairs, and benches would be easy. But weather and wood don’t have a reputation for being forever friends, and there are often some hidden downfalls to many wood finishes being used in the outdoors.

But then there’s TEAK. There’s a reason this beautiful, sustainable material is the top choice for outdoor furniture. It’s durable, low-maintenance, eco-friendly, and weatherproof. And it is a worthwhile investment. It can last a lifetime!


X Collection by Summit


When shopping for outdoor furniture, you’ll find that various wood types are often marketed as suitable for the outdoors, like teak, oak, pine, and cedar. But unlike Oak, pine, and cedar, teak furniture can last longer outdoors without being treated with a finish, making it today’s ideal outdoor wood. A few reasons why:


Teak is remarkably durable, on a variety of levels:

It’s moisture resistant. No more water rot. Teak’s natural oils and high silica content make it virtually waterproof.

It’s pest repellent. Silica is not favored by bugs, and teak has a lot of silica in it. Termites and wood post beetles are less than likely to take a bite.

It’s UV resistant. Teak is also resistant to sunlight. The biggest change that the wood may have is a silver-gray patina if not oiled every so often depending on exposure to the elements (Sun, salt, rain…)

It’s sustainable. The same qualities that make teak resistant to water, pests and sun damage also keep it super strong and warp-free.


Bay Collection by Gloster


Texture and Scent

The straight grain found in teak wood is perceived to be more elegant than the larger, wavier grains such as oak and pine. When it comes to fragrance, teak’s natural oils are similar to the pleasing scent of genuine leather.


Although many companies believe in offering sustainably and responsibly grown wood, it is especially important to purchase teak from well-managed forests because of the wood’s high demand. To ensure you make an eco-friendly product purchase, ask your retailer or supplier whether or not their teak furniture is certified. They should be able to provide documentation as to the certification. 

Go to Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) for more info

Teak’s durability allows for the wood to weather the elements for many years while maintaining its original qualities. As a wood with a long life span, its overall demand is lower than other woods because you can get more use out of it.


Hamilton Teak Collection by Oasiq


Low Maintenance

To clean your outdoor teak furniture:

1. Wash outdoor teak furniture with little soap and water to get rid of the oxidation as well as the dirt on the surface
2. Let the wood dry overnight
3. Sand the wood with fine grain sandpaper. 320 grit is recommended. Sand lightly to avoid scratching and follow the direction of the grain when sanding. Do not sand against the grain. The original color of the teak will start to return right after sanding.
4. Use a dry cloth to wipe away any residue from the wood. The wood must be clean before applying the teak oil.
5. For the maximum effect, use a brush lightly and evenly and apply the strokes a minimum of three times. Between coats, allow one hour to pass so that the oil can fully saturate the wood. Apply coats as needed. After the oil becomes dry you should clean the surface oil off of the wood. Which will not affect the color since that oil has already penetrated into the pores.


Mistral Chaise by RODA


Worth the Cost

In general, teak is more expensive than other hardwoods. But the cost is justified by the lifespan of the wood. It’s an investment! Beautiful enough to work indoors if you ever retire your outdoor space.

With the right teak furniture you’ll be able to enjoy entertaining for many years in your outdoor spaces.


X Collection Dining Set by Summit


Monterey dining table from Barlow Tyrie


Jive Collection from Royal Botania


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